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I’ve been thinking about how much MORE short staffed the nursing home I work at is about to get because of the vaccine mandate, for Medicare/Medicaid funding to be stopped, if staff aren’t vaccinated. With all the welfare, child tax credits, and unemployment benefits available, we are minimally staffed already. Not enough people are willing to work, when there’s free money to fund them staying home. Or, there are much less stressful jobs aplenty. Some of my coworkers have already turned in their 2 week notice, and the vaccine mandate for health care workers is 1 day old. I haven’t turned my notice in yet, because I’m hoping things will change. I happen to be vaccinated so I won’t lose my job for that reason, but I will consider quitting when staffing becomes dangerously low. And that thought makes me feel like a shitty person. I don’t believe the vaccine should be forced on people that don’t want it. The flu shot is already a requirement to stay employed every year. I’m thinking I may reject the flu vaccine this year, and get a non health care job myself. A big part of staff quitting is that jobs are plentiful in my area right now. Many local businesses are running with minimal staffing, and trying to find warm bodies that will show up. I’m already working overtime every single week, and I fear it’s about to get SO much worse. As a 49 year old obese female with a bad back, I’m at the edge of what I can physically do. When staffing gets any worse, I’m probably going to quit too. I’m already picking up all the extra hours I can physically tolerate. And worst of all, this is going to leave the old people at the nursing home with inadequate care. So the vicious circle of guilt will keep me there working myself into an early grave. I love my job, but I also treasure my health, so what to do? Just thinking aloud. I hope this doesn’t sound like whining, just documenting what’s going on in my life on this day.